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Reimagine India is a cultural exchange programme designed to develop creative collaborations between arts and cultural organisations in England and in India. In 2016 the UPGTeam was one of 22 companies to receive a grant to research and develop a project collaborating with Indian artists. The UPGTeam travelled across Tamil Nadu with the Chennai based Parkour Circle undertaking a 900 mile journey working with 11 partner organisations to deliver 17 workshops for a total of 565 participants in just 14 days. We are planning a return in 2017 with the aim of undertaking a month long journey featuring 5 extended residencies through which we’ll replace the existing UK scenes of STEAM and create a new INDIAN STEAM performance. This will perform to diverse audiences including the engineers and families of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway which is still pulled by Steam engines, students of special schools in Puducherry and Chennai, villagers of the rural communities around Salem and Erode, at-risk young people from the Hill Station communities in the West to the coastal cities in the East. It will then return to the UK and play to Indian Diaspora audiences here.







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