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Malik is one of the co-creators of L’Art du Deplacement, and an original Yamakasi Crew member, participating in the development of parkour since its inception during the late 80’s. Being very aware of the risks involved, Malik contributed to the growth of the discipline by working to establish proper coaching and education in the art. As a member of the cast of Notre Dame Du Paris, Malik toured internationally and in 2001 performed in the movie ‘Yamakasi: Les Samouraïs des temps modernes’ directed by Luc Besson. In 2005 Malik founded the Gravity Style club, in Paris, the first ongoing indoor training of Parkour globally. Since 2009 Malik has taught regularly for Univers Cascades Stunt Academy. In 2013 he set up the Xtreme Gravity Parkour Competition demonstrating a positive model for competitive parkour. He is the designer and director of the Gravity Clothes brand selling parkour apparel worldwide. He has been a core member of the UPGTeam since 2006.