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“…at the heart of the process were UPG…. able to deconstruct the needs of an emerging parkour community to people with little idea of what parkour was…. able to design a training area that tests a traceur, no matter how practised or skilled...”

Liz Hart, Community Arts Officer, Crawley Borough Council


The UPG Team designed the UK’s first permanent Parkour training site and have since opened two more, alongside numerous temporary facilities worldwide. Each of our sites was designed in cooperation with local young people through consultation with local authorities, police, potential users and local residents. Each design is unique responding to its environment and purpose with a range of challenges suitable for all skill levels. Use of the sites creates a spontaneous evolving performance for any who care to watch. Critical to their success is a genuine relationship between local authorities and user groups. All of our sites are ideal for teaching and are predicated on an overall strategy for Parkour and engagement with young people. The PLAY THE PLAZA residency for Baltimore in 2014 utilised Performance-Parkour as the means of engaging young people and the wider community in the design of public spaces, in this case a central city square.