Feestspada Armouries



    Neil’s Longsword c.1525 - c.1550  

Maker: Andrew Feest 2015

Client: Niel Webb

Length:56.7" (1440 mm)

Blade: 41" (1050mm)

Weight: 1.9kg

Hilt: Steel cut and black heat finish

Quillons: 12.6" (260mm)

Grip: (320mm)
Blued wire and black leather

Design mock-up

Original ref:
Wallace 478

Blued hilt. Pear-shaped pommel, with small button on top, horizontally re-curved quillons of circular section terminating in pear-shaped knobs like the pommel; PAS D'ANE, with open
cage of guards, one being a transverse bar joining the ring to the pas d' ane; on the other side a bar projecting horizontally and ending in a knob like the quillons. Shouldered grip bound with cord. The two-edged blade of flattened hexagonal section at the hilt merging into bi-convex towards the point." Wallace